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A lot of things are happening at the moment:                                                                               Latest ISAR Newsletter: Fall 2014


From 20 May 2015 on, you can hear (in Dutch) why I am so fascinated about mineral dust in the NIOZ lecture series.


NIOZ’ dustiest website


In May 2015, I was invited to come to Daejeon, South Korea, talk about dust in the KIGAM special lecture series. Here you see all participants.

We’ve been setting sail again across the Atlantic between Africa and the Caribbean!
Last January we sailed from Mindelo, Sao Vicente, Cape-Verdian Islands to service our transatlantic array of instruments with which we are collecting Saharan dust. You can read about our adventures through the blog we kept at:


Our dust book is out, and Peter and me are pretty pretty proud of it! 18 chapters of exciting dusty science, written by experts in the fields of meteorology, remote sensing, modelling and many more scientific disciplines dealing with mineral dust. The book can be bought in hard-cover and eBook from Springer.

Click for link to Springer site

I received funding from DFG, NWO, and ERC to carry out a monitoring study of Saharan dust. In November 2013 we retrieved the sediment traps that we had deployed in October 2012 and we are now working on the first results from these traps. Also, we have deployed three dust-collecting buoys along the transatlantic transect.

In August this year we have harvested the first results from one of these buoys during RV Pelagia cruise PE392:


I’m intrigued by mineral aerosols; in this NASA animation of global aerosols you can see why:

Mineral dust
Smoke and soot
Sea salt

Animation by NASA

It’s a rather big file (53Mb)
please be patient; it’s worth it!

You can see what we’ve been doing at sea here:


De Volkskrant reisde en blogte ook mee:

Link to photos of a field trip to NW Oz

The samples we collected during a field trip in NW Australia.


Eberhard and me inspecting the dust-collecting buoy on deck of RV Poseidon.

I was invited to say some words to explain my article in KIJK (Dutch popular-science magazine)
I’m on at 1hr51min


The buoy in action......

Together with Ilham Bouimetarhan, Lydie Dupont, and Cletus Itambi (all MARUM) I’ve organised a 4-day workshop on African climate-vegetation interactions in November last year. Thanks to generous PAGES and MARUM funding we were able to host a fair number of African scientists as well as experts in the field. Here you can get an impression of the workshop.

Peter Knippertz and me are organising a dusty session for the EGU in Vienna (April 2015). This will be the 12th time for our session!

Ute Merkel and me are trying to organise the follow-ups of our dusty workshop in November 2011. PAGES dedicated a Newsletter to it!


In 2013 I went on field work to the Lake-Eyre Basin in central Australia, and decided this place would make a nice office.... (click for more pics)


Here you can get an impression of life onboard RV Meteor.



In summer 2010 I attended the ICAR VII meeting in Santa Rosa, la Pampa (5-9 July) Argentina.
The photo that I sent in for the photo competition won the first price in the category “miscellaneous”!!!
It was entitled: “Sampling dust the hard way” Hahaha
Click here for some more impressions of our Mauritania field trip