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For more info, please see NIOZ’s dustiest website:

A lot of things are happening at the moment:

  • In spring 2016 we’ve been sailing on board RRS James Cook, where we also kept a blog. We collected heaps of nice samples, e.g., from the dust-collecting buoys, which we are now processing into data and, eventually, papers.
  • Michelle’s discussion paper is accepted as a “full” Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics paper
  • Carmen’s paper is out in Aeolian Research.
  • My dusty projects are developing really well and we’re presenting initial results in both manuscripts as well as international meetings like:
      * DUST2016
      * ICAR9
  • I’ve been awarded a JSPS fellowship to work at JAMSTEC and the Kochi Core Center in Japan.
    JAMSTEC is quite an inspiring institute to work in for a marine scientist, given that the research vessels are literally on the doorstep!
The brand new RV Kamei